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Monday, 19 December 2011

Otewa School

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Our school finished on Tuesday 13th. It was my last day ever at Otewa School, because next year, I will be going to Otorohanga College. We had quite a quiet day, just finishing work, tidying up and practicing the play for the end of year prize giving. I left the school ground really emotionally. Not on the outside, on the inside. Knowing that I would never board the bus at Otewa School again, never get off there. We turned up at the Otewa hall at a . I changed into my costume and stood on the stage nervously. I was the only person to start on the stage, and I could feel every body’s eyes on me. But all went well, with us only making one mistake in a song, but fixing it quickly and easily. After the play, I went and sat down on a chair - it's a year 8 tradition, that at the prize giving, we can sit on a seat - and relaxed. I listened to my Dad give the Board of Trustees report, our new principal give her speech, and then, what I'd been waiting for, Miss Wesley - my teacher - to give a Year 8 leavers speech. She wrote it to us and while she was talking, funny pictures of us came up on the projector, where EVERYBODY could see them. Then, she called us up one by one, to give us our special year 8 pen, a present from her and to give our speeches. My speech went very well, with many people complimenting me afterwards on it. I will post it when I find the piece of paper. :) The teachers then announced the most improved reader, the highest academic achievement and all round hard work. My younger sister got highest academic achievement in her year. I was so proud. I also got highest academic achievement. Since we're year 8's, we also compete for the Math’s cup, English cup, School spirit cup, Sports cup and Most Improved Netball Player cup. I was so happy when my name was called out for the Math’s cup. My Dad handed it to me. I was so proud of myself to walk up there and get it. I was even prouder when I got the English cup. But it just made my day when I got the Most Improved Netball Player cup. After all that was said and done, the House leaders got up to give a short speech before the House Winner was announced. People laughed when I said my speech. I'll also post that when I find the paper for it!! :) Sadly, we did not win, but there was only 4 points between us. Prize giving was all over. Many people came up and congratulated me on all my cups and my two awesome speeches and wished me luck for next year at college. It was one of the proudest days in my life. I was extremely satisfied with what I got. I couldn't carry it all, I had so much!! Next year, I am looking forward to going to college, but will miss Otewa School dearly. I want to thank my three day to day teachers that I had over the years. Thank you to you all for helping to get me here. I will never forget any of you.


Sophie said...

Hi Kayla,
That certainly was very brave of you to make 2 speeches in front of a large audience!! You certainly must be very talented as you won quite a few cups. You and your parents must have been so proud! I hope you have a fantastic time at college. I am only in Year 6 so I have 1 more year until I go to high school.
I hope you have heaps of great memories about Otewa School and now you can have more fun at your new school! :)
Keep Blogging,
Sophie :)

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